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DWDI offers best-in-class UAS courses, including FAA Part 107 exam prep (virtual and in-person) and UAS Mapping.  Courses are held both on-site at either the DWDI home office or one of our partner college campuses.

Operating a Drone

Next Course Dates TBD

The DWDI FAA Part 107 exam prep course has set a standard for training aspiring commercial drone pilots in north Texas.  In addition to being one of the best value courses on the market, DWDI combines lecture and hands-on simulator flight time to give students the best chance of passing the 107 exam the first time.  Our student pass rate currently stands at 94%.

Image by Chris Montgomery

Course Dates: 522/23 - 5/28/23

Can't make our in-person FAA Part 107 exam prep course?  No Problem.  DWDI offers a virtual prep course with nearly all the benefits of the standard course, with the exception of access to our drone simulator.  This course will prepare you to take the FAA Part 107 exam.  Additionally, you will have the opportunity to interact with other aspiring pilots and professional instructor in real time.

Thermal drone image of petroleum holding tanks.

Course Dates: 6/5/23 - 6/8/23

The demand for UAS mapping services is only growing, and DWDI's introductory course in this exciting field gives students a head start with practical knowledge and application.  Priced at only $689, students do not need to take the FAA Part 107 exam prep course as a prerequisite, but it is encouraged.

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